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A la carte service, on a long term basis
Flexibility :
  • No recruitment with a formal contract
  • Evolutive : Contract period can be adapted
  • Short term intermittent interventions or continuous with a commitment to follow the full fiscal year
A la carte :
  • Choice of mission in function of the needs of the business
  • Advices and on-call availability
  • Sharing of experiences in the service area
Profitability :
  • The Client defines with Régnier-Vigouroux Conseil his need and only invests in areas of expertise that he wishes to develop
  • The Client is not inundated anymore by the administration, and focus 100% of his time of his activity (the administration of a French company can sometime represent 20% of the Manager time !)
  • The Manager has a consultant available at 100% even with a contract of few days per month



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